Security seals are digitized in seconds at the work site and transmitted in encrypted form including additional information using an app.

  • error free data capture
  • up to 95% time saving
  • central administration
  • any number of users
  • intuitive, international, barrier free

The operating system

TRANSFORMEO® provides secure mobile data processing with mobile data entry, import of existing data records and seamless integration into your business processes.

The TRANSFORMEO® server is located in our high secure cloud, all features are provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). For the user, this means freedom from maintenance and complete independence from their own IT periphery. But as with an operating system, functions and processes can be integrated and extended, and the server is suitable for processing a wide variety of data. Different RELEASE modules provide compatibility with common and special file formats required by industries or enterprise applications. This includes e.g. different XML and CSV formats, but also PDF or MS Office documents.

Mobile data processing

Thanks to TRANSFORMEO®, business processes that have caused a lot of manual effort in the past are now fully automated.

The data processing is cloud based and the basis for various applications. With the TRANSFORMEO® server data can not only be processed, but also be linked to conditions. Mobile data can, for example, be compared and evaluated with existing data and given parameters in order to derive new automated processes. Only completely processed data is prepared according to your specifications and transferred via RELEASE module.

mobile Datenverarbeitung - mit TRANSFORMEO®


Up to six different sensors monitor your transport.



The modular structure ensures high data security, maximum efficiency and system-independent compatibility through independent industry solutions.

The TRANSFORMEO® technology is based on different modules. The cloud based server collects data from different sources, especially from the app SEAL CAPTURE and the sensor board PARCEL CAPTURE. But external data can also be imported by the server to further adapt the functions to your business processes. Thanks to TRANSFORMEO®, data that was previously recorded and documented manually is now created electronically and immediately transferred to the user’s company processes. To ensure this, several RELEASE modules are available. They transfer the data precisely to the respective application without manual intervention. For companies, this means that the data is immediately available and can be incorporated into their own processes error-free by automated creation. Furthermore TRANSFORMEO® starts new processes based on your parameters on request and is able to issue warnings or alarms e.g. via SMS, email or straight into the data set. Depending on the specifications, processes can also be changed and, for example, a dispatch can be cancelled or redirected.


TRANSFORMEO® server, Parcel Capture and Seal Capture are part of the TRANSFORMEO® overall solution
and a joint development of nova motum® Services & Consulting GmbH and VECTURAFAST OHG.