Intelligent consignment tracking

secure M2M communication for your data processing for every consignment of goods
– Europe-wide – parcel, pallet, container, truck, ship –

Realtime Tracking

Real-time parcel tracking to determine the exact location and condition of a parcel, regardless of the carrier, Europe-wide.

The TRANSFORMEO® server collects all data for an individual transport centrally. For this purpose, the sensors of the Parcel Capture board are permanently queried and the entire process is logged. Location data (GPS), temperature and humidity are continuously recorded, stored and evaluated. Risky influences such as tilting, impact or opening of the load, all of which have a direct influence on the goods, are recorded separately and can be reported without any delay.

All data is available securely and independently for your processes. The transmission is completely independent of the forwarder, CEP provider or intermodal transport partners.

Internet of Things

The sensors (IoT) communicate autonomously with the TRANSFORMEO® server, without any dependency on a GSM provider.

Parcel Capture Boards are true IoT devices (Internet of Things) and communicate with no human intervention all data into the TRANSFORMEO® infrastructure. The end-to-end encryption ensures that your data never passes through the public Internet. Each Parcel Capture tracker is equipped with a special SIM card that ensures a seamless connection of the service around the world. This is done without any binding to a local network provider.

All data is always transmitted, regardless of the European country in which your cargo is currently located. There is no dependency on a network provider.

Automating your processes

For each transport, data is determined and evaluated according to your specifications and the resulting processes are automated using TRANSFORMEO®.

Before each transport, you determine the parameters of your shipment. With the TRANSFORMEO® process we pay great attention to data economy, only the necessary sensors are activated and only their data is logged. Your specifications determine the upper and lower limits for safe transport individually for each transport. If critical values are reached, TRANSFORMEO® generates the warnings or alarms necessary for your processes. Alternative processes can be initiated in accordance with your specifications.

TRANSFORMEO® depends exactly on your processes and your specifications for each individual transport. Each notification will be adapted to your data processing.

Increased efficiency and cost reduction

A comprehensive report for each individual transport makes processes more transparent and thus offers a real competitive advantage.

Parcel Capture is a data-driven service that allows you to collect extensive information and feed it into your data processing. This enables you to automatically activate alternative workflows for your shipment during transport in the event of deviations. We then provide the client with all the data determined in a comprehensive report after the transportation.

Big Data, in other words the comprehensive data relating to your transport, allows every company to increase efficiency, reduce costs and also offer a clear competitive advantage.


TRANSFORMEO® server, Parcel Capture and Seal Capture are part of the TRANSFORMEO® overall solution
and a joint development of nova motum® Services & Consulting GmbH and VECTURAFAST OHG.