increased productivity

Error free data capture

With the help of a regular barcode all information of the security seal, the date and the exact time are automatically digitally captured.

data capture

1x click
photo documentation

Easy to add a photo

Add a photo to your documentation with one click of a button. The photo is securely integrated into your data records without the cumbersome process of submitting it.

No media discontinuity

The data of the security seal is recorded 100% automatically. Further process data are also added digitally at the place of use of the seal with an easy-to-use app by the user.

faster capture

Time required per seal
5 sec to fix the seal
10 sec write down information about the seal on paper
10 sec enter additional information (note)
20 sec entering information digitally (e.g. Excel)
= 45 seconds

90 sec add photo to information
= more than 2 minutes

Time required with SEAL CAPTURE
5 sec to fix the seal
1 sec enter information about the seal
5 sec enter additional information (free-text)
0 sec entering information digitally (e.g. Excel)
= 11 seconds

+ 5 sec add photo to information
= 16 seconds

more security


Data security included

All data is encrypted several times – with no need to enter a password! And for this you do not have to maintain any software or hardware.

Centralised administration

1. Install app
2. Register package of seals
3. Set up work processes

simple setup

IT knowledge

Setup for everyone

No particular IT know-how is required for the installation. You will be guided step-by-step through the customisation process.

process optimisation

Simple user administration

You determine yourself who is allowed to capture the security seals. Add as many users from your team as you like while centrally managing the process.

any number of users

Digital Twin
accompanying your process

Digital accompanying of work processes

Improve your real-world activities with digital data. Never before has it been easier and more cost-effective to add up-to-date information to your existing software.

Outstanding user experience

The app makes it easy for international teams to work together and also provides intuitive and barrier-free access for people with disabilities or limited spelling skills.

Barrier free
simplified processes

regular barcodes

No limitations

The security seals use industry-standard barcodes that include typical and unique numbering. Therefore, these barcodes can also be used for existing data processing (e.g. merchandise management, ERP).

More features available

SEAL CAPTURE can be extended to meet your needs and all data can also be transformed according to your requirements. For that we are happy to offer consultancy to explain how your processes can be automated, how data can work for you and thus run your processes in a cost- and time-optimized manner.


TRANSFORMEO® server, Parcel Capture and Seal Capture are part of the TRANSFORMEO® overall solution
and a joint development of nova motum® Services & Consulting GmbH and VECTURAFAST OHG.